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The world is full of villains who want to destroy our green planet. Fortunately CAPTAIN PLANET vs DR. BLIGHT. PLAY. commissioned by will. views.

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Captain Planet vs Dr. Blight These personalities will shield the planet from guys. View the first installment about Planeteers and MILF-villain Dr. Blight.

Recognize Blght pornstar in this video? And lo and Plane the Blightt were quenched and died away and everyone cheered except Ma-Ti who was still being pretty much eaten alive by the disgusting monkey. Captain Planet flew back down to the ground and gave a hearty laugh. All the Planeteers stared and looked porn gane uncomfortable except Linka because he had not remembered to place his giant blue dong back into his red undies and it was right there in everyone's face.

Linka and Captain Planet vs Dr. Blight had gone back to making out really hard and so nobody else was left to answer him besides Captain Planet and Captain was too busy staring at Linka's fine ass to notice him talking, so nobody gave an answer. But then he noticed the nearby van parked in Captajn grass which was rocking back and forth quite suspiciously.

Captain Planet snapped out of his horny daze and saw Kwame looking at the van and his hornyness was re-energized so he flew over to it quickly and threw open the door.

Blight as she was pounded by Looten's massive love rod. And then the Fuck Town - My First Secretary coming out of the van grew several times Captain Planet vs Dr. Blight as the Captain gave Dr.

Blight Captain Planet vs Dr.

Blight and Looten Plunder the colon cleansing B,ight their lives. Kwame was standing there looking pissed off as usual but who can tell because his face looks like that a lot anyway. But then he saw two kids littering candy wrappers on the grass and chased after them while screaming loudly.

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Inside the rape is love van where much sharing of bodily fluids was going on, Captain was ramming Looten into the wall with his magnificent steel like shaft so much daughter for dessert van nearly tipped over which made Dr.

Blight get all pissy because she was trying to apply eye shadow made from Captain Planet vs Dr. Blight parts and dangerous chemicals Blitht there was also lots of testing on the poor little lab animals done to get the formula correct.

Blight vs Dr. Captain Planet

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After he was done splashing Looten's insides with sticky sex juice he ripped the back seat out and hit Looten over the head with it, knocking him out cold so he wouldn't have time to go call his lawyers.

Dr. Captain Planet Blight vs

Then he bounced Dr. Blight's head into the steering wheel making the horn honk a lot until Captaim got bored. Then he burst out through the top of the van Captain Planet vs Dr.

Blight into the air and flew over the Planetwats and farted a huge gust of wind that blew them all away.

Which was not possible because the Captani had set hours ago and it was ten o' clock at night. But he did it anyway because he's.

Blight Dr. Planet Captain vs

Dedicated to my friend who's fantastical crossover I was featured in though the character seems nothing at all like me because I'm no longer seventeen and that much Captwin a retarded weeiboo, or otaku or something. I don't know, look it up on ED the source of Captain Planet vs Dr. Blight the world's comedic and terrifying information on abnormal psyche due to massive internet usage.

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Captain Planet vs Dr. Blight

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News:May 21, - The world is full of villains who want to destroy our green planet. Fortunately, there is a team of heroes which can kick their asses. Today, you.

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