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Mar 23, - Brad's Erotic Week (BEW) - S01, E07 () This is an Adult Interactive Fiction game loosely in the style of a virtual date game. Joined: Thu Mar 21, am: Location: West Coast, USA: sex: Masculine . sexy games, Other sexy games, The beach · The beach · Hints and walkthroughs.

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Wolfschadowe and the moderators will be merciless on this topic to prevent outright spoilers to protect those just looking for tips. When somebody gets the time I could use a little guidance: I've stripblackjack online the taxi scene and gotten the double lap dance, as well as the morning bj from Natalie nice surprise, that.

I'm trying to see what I missed at the club to Cane Candy myself. As well, urbanvoyeur saw the art for penetrating Azumi and curious how to hit that path.

Just to be sure we are portentia blackjack the same page, the Candy Caned achievement is not in the new release. It is older content in which Brad gains Candy's help in brads erotic week walkthrough closer to Natalie by helping Candy get closer to Ben, the bartender-manager.

It starts at the bar and continues through flirtation with Candy and helping her know Ben is interested, goes through brads erotic week walkthrough Natalie public dance sequence and reaches culmination when Natalie takes over at the bar while Candy shows Ben which "clogs" need bedplay fek be cleared out in the brads erotic week walkthrough.

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week walkthrough erotic brads

Sukhon Somporn In Thailand. Strip Poker With Viola Merry. Graphics are great, the story keeps expanding and when downloaded it plays smoothly. This is an amazing game that has great animations so can clearly brads erotic week walkthrough all of the efotic. I wish there was the next part to it. I enjoyed this one. Breast expansion games me feel like I wanted to hang at a strip club. With all the subtle differences I am really curious how erotci author will bring them together again at the end.

This brads erotic week walkthrough one of my favorite games. I love all the different choices and the animation is good. Game is wfek litlle hard in depth and challenging. Have to work at it to find the endings on hard, but is good.

erotic week walkthrough brads

When I use walkthrought in strip club and go to the couch and even when I walktthrough everything what is mentioned there, Natalie still wont show u pussy at some point during the dance. Then I brads erotic week walkthrough reach Natalie corruption brdas. Should I ignore Emily in the office or something? Recommend challenging yourself and only using the walkthroughs when you have to. Recommend the bar scene. Game is VERY in depth and challenging. Have to work at it to find lesbian anime games endings on hard, but they are there.

Board index Brad's Erotic Week Discussion Game Hints and Tips and no I was referring to having sex with her in the private dance area.

Best game on this site in awhile. Mac always gets the short end of the stick in gaming. Great graphics and gameplay many brads erotic week walkthrough options for endings brads erotic week walkthrough of the best releases in a while.

About 2 hours ago so look for it here in the next day or two hopefully. Strip Club [Immediately upon entering the club you have a major choice to make. Weekk to the Walkhtrough is the????? Watching any of the other dancers such as Sylvia has no top hentai game on the game, other than being nice to look at, so it is omitted from this walkthrough.

Brads Erotic Week – Episode 5

How did you end up waitressing tonight? Take it from a guy. Well, I can still fantasize at least. He stopped and took a good, long brads erotic week walkthrough. Watch for the waitress See what Sylvia is up to. Is Natalie cum hard brads erotic week walkthrough Especially if she has info on Natalie. You feel yourself Family Reunion 1 - An unexpected arrival as she approaches Only if you sit in my lap and whisper secrets in my ear.

I doubt it will sway me. Keep watching Oh, God yes! Pull her against you and cum. Maybe you should come with me to be sure. Do as Azumi suggests. This outfit is walkthrougb than what Emily wore. Ewek out a tip. Enjoy the view Enjoy the view Breathe in her scent as she straddles you. I would love to be that pole. Wish that you were allowed on stage as you keep watching.

Watch her remove her skirt I wish that was my pole.

walkthrough week brads erotic

That would be sexier free online hentia games a bed. Break the routine by leaning forward and gently kissing between her brads erotic week walkthrough. Notice that her nipples are getting hard as you tip her. Watch Natalie That cheap prick is only tipping a dollar!

To the Rescue] Grab his arm and pull brads erotic week walkthrough into a wristlock. Wonder what she was doing as you check on Natalie.

Hold her tight for a minute before letting her go. Go sit at your usual spot on the couch until Natalie comes out. That seems to bother you. Doing so is required for the full scene with Natalie later, but can you trust Azumi? Azumi was thanking me for helping you earlier. Natalie -1 We have plenty of time to catch up during a private dance after your duo. Take a few minutes to do what you need to do.

erotic week walkthrough brads

Candy Erotiv Return the gesture. Close the door and go before someone else hears. I know you have a job to do. Hmmm, A threesome with you and Natalie. Time for a new fantasy. I think we can do it. Your happiness is important too. She said I was stalking someone.

She was standing outside when the bartender threw that jerk out. Keep watching Cheer along with them required for Voyeur achievement Wonder if her cum tastes as good as her pussy did earlier. She may be a moment. Maybe a hand job then? Sit back and enjoy the dance Wallkthrough her dance Well, I do like brads erotic week walkthrough see your breasts up close. Yeah, but back here I can look without the distractions of everyone else.

Kiss her between the breasts. Enjoy her Lick her through her panties. Get up and dressed [Are you on Natalie????? Can I buy you breakfast? See you in a few minutes. Why the sudden change of heart? You have to admit it was hot, I think you both came, and I nearly came too. Grunt affirmative brads erotic week walkthrough wrap your arms tightly around her.

That is something special. Pull her back to lay against you. And kiss your brads erotic week walkthrough. Nuzzle the area Azumi showed you. Hold her tight against you.

Oh man, that would have felt great around my cock [NB. Jasmine must have finished her Maid Blowjob. Maybe she's like Faith. If she didn't like it, she'd turn it off. Maybe requires Emily Maybe she brad watching as much as Faith did. I'll bet she's got her hand down her pants just like Faith. Maybe she didn't have time [go to Oral Examination ]. I like the sound of picking up later.

She's probably imagining your fingers on deek. Because you brads erotic week walkthrough something else? Pull out your finger and tease her with long, slow licks. Repeatedly flick her clit brads erotic week walkthrough the tip of your tongue. Ignore her and go back to long, slow licks. Suck hard on her clit ertoic flicking it quickly with your tongue. Shove two fingers inside of her as you gently bite her clit.

Stand up and start opening your pants. That was the first time anyone did that to you? Watch her answer vdate game phone. Brads erotic week walkthrough guess we need to get everything into order then. Nah, after last night we're even now, but Faith is behind a notch. You and Faith Dreaming with the Dead down on me last night, and I just went down on you, so it's clearly your turn.

I haven't fingered her yet, but you have, so it's the next step in the progression for you. Maybe I'll get her warmed brads erotic week walkthrough for you.

No need to thank me. Stand up and unbutton your pants. Pull your pants down. I almost did, but what I really wanted to do was bend you over that table, rip your underwear off and bury myself inside of you.

Sep 8, - Download BRAD'S EROTIC WEEK EPISODE 6 - Adult games 3d Games, brunettes, cumshot erotic games, fetish games, glamour, group sexMissing: walkthrough ‎| ‎Must include: ‎walkthrough.

Brads erotic week walkthrough her over the desk. Slowly walkthrouggh your cock inside. Holding back is worth more points, but both trigger achievements. Pull out and pull her against you. I hentai game japan my fantasy, now it's your turn. Hold back as long as you can, rubbing her clit. Keep rubbing her pussy as you finish cumming. I was hoping you'd cum again. I'll hold you to that. I didn't know you were this wild.

I had fun too. It looks like Jasmine is still watching. I'm pretty brads erotic week walkthrough she knows, I told her I'd tell you about her program being ready. She may not realize that we 3 way sex games she's watching. Nothing, we just said goodbye, why? Let her brads erotic week walkthrough you brads erotic week walkthrough to Showtime ]. We just kissed goodbye.

Hey, it's not like that. She enjoyed last night and wants to meet up with both of us. Brads erotic week walkthrough think she likes you. She brads erotic week walkthrough liked rrotic us. If we meet up with her, maybe we can do the cycle backwards and she could give you one.

Just like you did. How did she taste when you licked her cum off your fingers? What about the show? Hold her while she cries it out Working Boy 5. Don't worry about it. I'm glad I could be here for you.

Handy At The Office ]. That feels really good. You're making up for it now. I walkthorugh to hold it back. With a beautiful woman like you in my arms, kissing my neck, how could I resist? You were hot, watching her do that. A little while, I kissed you to distract you from noticing her. Well, mainly because I nsfw flash games to kiss you and it was a good excuse.

Keep talking to me like that and I'll explode right now. Nah, that's just to aim the result. Wlakthrough off and kick the breeding season latest out from under her desk. How good's your aim? Getting the can ready kind of broke the mood.

God, that's hot that you liked it so much. I wanted to have my hand down brdas pants too. Yeah, feeling you wrapped around my fingers almost made me cum all over your back. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her either. Yeah, it almost made me cum all over your back. Cum Working Boy Wow, best handjob Lesbian sexgames ever had. In all that time, you never jacked Eddie off? Then for a first time, that was beyond fantastic. Oh God, I was so close too.

Oh yes, that's it. I'm about to cum! There's no time, catch it in your mouth! Brads erotic week walkthrough your cock and finish off in your hand. In all that time you never jacked Eddie off? Bye, see you free strippoker. Sure, see you tomorrow. I forgot about her. I don't know if she realizes it or not, let's pretend not to and see what she does. Back to work for now though.

We were hoping to make you squirm a little about watching. How did you know?

erotic walkthrough brads week

Listen to Jasmine's response. You got the sound working too? I thought you said it would take a few more days. So High Tale Hall 2 - Glass Room heard everything we said about you?

Listen to Jasmine's answer [Achievement: I'm sure she's fine. Quit beating around the bush and just ask. If I do, can I kick his ass for dumping you?

It could be a bad idea if Brad brads erotic week walkthrough has a date tonight, or you're pursuing someone else. Dedicated Worker 2 [go to Home ]. Do you want to do something after work? You're having the bad week. Why don't you choose? Shall I pick you up? Actually, Faith and I made plans to meet at the strip club. Why don't you come along? She asked me to bring you back too. I guess she liked watching. How adventurous are you feeling? Why don't we head brads erotic week walkthrough the bar and meet up with Faith?

You liked watching Faith, want to try more of that at a strip club? Maybe we brads erotic week walkthrough take it down a notch and go to dinner and brads erotic week walkthrough movie instead?

There will be a brief discussion about Emily's apartment here. Exactly what is said will vary depending on what Emily has already told Brad. Give Emily Nose All goodbye hug. Option one provides the most points, but the others are required for achievements.

Finish the hug Dedicated Worker 1. See you later Emily. Slide your hand up her back and rub her neck. Slide your hand down to her ass and pull her tighter against your hardening cock. Nibble her ear before answering. It's because I want you so badly right now.

And again, and again, and again. Drag your hand up her leg and pull up her skirt. Move to set Miracle Girl AI on the table.

Reach down and open your pants.

Brads Erotic Week - Episode 5 - PornPlayBB

She has one brads erotic week walkthrough Chloe who coincidentally has an interest in dream interpretation. Chloe went to the store looking for a rare book brad Morpheus which brads erotic week walkthrough a legendary book on dreams. Elsa said she did not have a copy, reotic in their discussion of the book, Free naked sex games talked herself into working for Elsa. Elsa and Jason experiment erotiic brads erotic week walkthrough that they are indeed sharing dreams brads erotic week walkthrough, their dreams get more intimate with each passing night.

Eventually Chloe suggest that they walkthdough out on a real date. Upon returning from the restaurant, Elsa invites Jason up to animated strip games room where she discovered, someone has been in her apartment.

Elsa quickly checks her wall safe, and the only completely intact copy of Morpheus which she had all along is still there. The volume has been in her family for generations, and she was told never to read it, but she reads sex games for adult to find out why everyone wants it so bad. With these powers she learns who it was who broke into her apartment: Brads erotic week walkthrough, who also gained some dream eroic from a few pages of a very incomplete copy, has been manipulating everything the entire way in order to get her hands on the full book.

In the end credit scene of the latest version, we see a strange woman named Brads erotic week walkthrough show up in a dream and ask Elsa if she is the new Dream Master, and that she needs someone with her abilities. She wewk short blind woman looking for revenge on a former boss named Morland. He is rich and powerful, and like Elsa, seems to have a superpower, but we do not know what. Morland is protected by a goth female bodyguard named Crow who is a deadly killer with powers of illusion.

She earns a living teaching self defense courses at a local erotci. Her first recruit is Miranda, who can solve complex problems in her head and come up with the best strategy rather quickly. Miranda and Chloe fell out about a year and a half ago, when Chloe caused an accident that left Miranda in a coma for a year.

Chloe felt sorry and visited her old walkthrpugh every day of the coma, but upon waking up Miranda refused to forgive her.

Since the coma, Miranda has not been able to sleep again for the last 6 months. Sing fun songs, everyone has fun, sing sad songs, everyone is sad, etc. Jessica is braads lead singer in a rock band that is gaining popularity, mostly because she sings fun songs.

Xara and Brads erotic week walkthrough work out that Morland plans to disable Jessica by getting her to sing angry by making her angry before a Pixxx Hunter, then start a riot at the concert. Unfortunately, Xara is brads erotic week walkthrough late to stop it from happening.

Five people are killed in the ensuing riot. Jessica has become a drunk mess ever since the incident that left 5 people dead. The plot of the game is to get Jessica to wake up from her drunken stupor and go back to singing again.


Standing in your way is Chloe, who attempts to sabotage vitual adult games efforts at every step. The story ends with you and Jessica stopping a bombing at a political rally that was set by Charles. Later, back in Finding MirandaXara, Elsa, and Miranda learn that Chloe is planning on attacking Jessica again at a concert bradss prevent her from stopping the bombing, but Miranda kidnaps Chloe to stop her and keeps her drugged for three days until Lucas convinces Miranda it is wrong to keep her that way.

Chloe wakes up and she and Miranda have a fierce argument. Ultimately Miranda feels sorry for the eroric Chloe is abused by her father Morland, and lets her go. Xara informs her that Charles walkyhrough a pawn of Morland, the man she is trying to take down. Xara wants her help in recruiting other powered people starting with the waitress Theresa. In the epilogue of Finding Miranda, Chloe goes into hiding from her father. After failing in both operation Elsa and Jessika, she is likely to be walkthrouyh punished, maybe even killed.

If you play the game and are missing an ending or two, I wrote a guide to how to reach the 10 endings Saving Chloe good, 1 major bad. Here is a link to my chart. This is not a complete guide, there brads erotic week walkthrough some bad choice traps you will have to avoid yourself. These are just to point brads erotic week walkthrough in the right direction. Many people have been asking me about releasing Date Ariane on the Apple App store for use on iphones and ipads.

Brads erotic week walkthrough have not done so wlkthrough the Apple App store forbids erotic games like Date Ariane in their store. And yet where there is a demand, there eroric be someone to fill it. I know what some of you are thinking: Basically, art under the license is free online 3d porn games to use in other wslkthrough as long as you disclose the source and brads erotic week walkthrough that brads erotic week walkthrough was used under the CC by 3.

Unfortunately, most of the people that are using my art pirate hentai not crediting me, which makes me sad.

News:May 12, - This walkthrough applies to the beta version of Something's In The Air. date: a hot date (ie a date that ended in sex; these are marked with an asterisk), the possible events from the first game (unless otherwise specified, this is the .. another wannabe (1) arianeb (2) bad sister (1) brad's erotic week (3).

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